Community Ministries

At Redeemer, we talk about being a "gospel-centered" church. And part of being a gospel-centered church means that we must be a gospel spreading a church.

As part of our community ministry strategy, we are happy to collaborate with our three main local mission partners. With each of these organizations, Redeemer members are sharing the hope of Christ with others in the context of ongoing, personal, caring relationships.

World Relief (Aurora)


World Relief is a global organization committed to "standing for the vulnerable." In the Aurora office, there is a particular emphsasis on refugee services, as individuals and families are resettling in Aurora every month from nations such as Congo, Iraq, Nepal, and Syria.

Although there are a wide variety of ways to serve with World Relief, Redeemer members are most consistently involved in two ways:

  • After School Club: In partnership with World Relief, we run a weekly club that assists international 6th-12th graders in homework and language skills. (And usually soccer skills, card skills, or baking skills as well!) It's a lot of fun for everyone involved.
  • "Friendship Partner" Program: Members connect with an individual or family for at least the first six months of life in the United States. This may involve things such as learning to shop in American grocery stores, talking about how to schedule a doctor's appointment, or just finding out about each other's life story and culture.


Wayside Cross Ministries


Over 80 years ago, Wayside Cross Rescue Mission was established in downtown Aurora. Today, the Master's Touch program houses 75-100 men in a transitional living program that is Christ-centered, Bible-based, and mentor-driven. The sister-organization, Lifespring Ministry Center, can house 50 women and children in a similar program. 

It is a joy for Redeemer to partner with Wayside. Redeemer members are regularly serving in a variety of ways including:

  • Personal (one-on-one) mentoring for residents 
  • Speaking at chapels or teaching classes


Pregnancy Information Center


The Pregnancy Information Center (PIC) in Aurora, is a ministry committed to protecting and investing in the lives of the unborn. 

They stand for life by providing a wide variety of services for women and families facing crisis pregnancies—from pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, to parenting classes and Bible studies. 

Redeemer members are currently involved at PIC serving with personal mentoring and administrative assistance.


If you are getting connected at Redeemer, and you're ready to get started serving with one of our local mission partners, please fill out this form to start getting connected (or just to lear more from members who are serving there).


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