Good Plans for 2018

Good Plans for 2018

The new year provides a good opportunity to re-focus on what really matters.
To help church members make good plans for the coming year, we recommend taking a few minutes to prayerfully work through this worksheet that can help you consider plans for your own discipleship. The document will put a number of helpful questions in front of you, such as,
  • What will I aim to memorize from God’s Word?
  • What big issues do I want to pray for consistently?
  • How will I cultivate a lifestyle of worship?
You don’t need to have a dynamite answer to every question on the list. In fact, maybe you’ll leave a question mark by some of these and talk more with others in your fellowship group. But if the worksheet helps you identify 3 or 4 action steps that will help you to rejoice in the Lord more deeply in 2018, that would be a great win!

A Few Notes about Bible Reading Plans

At Redeemer we want to be people who treasure God’s Word.

One resource worth spotlighting is a Bible reading plan I have used this past year, simply called the “Read Scripture Reading Plan.” Like some other good plans, this Bible-in-a-year reading plan includes a Psalm every day, and a basically chronological approach to the rest of the Bible (about 3 chapters a day). This plan also features a great app that gives you your dauly reading, and often includes well produced videos to give you an orientation of how various books of the Bible contribute to the message of Scritpure. You can learn more about the App and plan here. (Or you can download a pdf of the plan, or sign up for reading plan emails here – just scroll down to the “Read the Bible in One Year” section).

For some, the best plan to begin in January is not to attempt a one-year goal, but to begin a journey of digging into one book of the Bible.

Women’s fellowship groups will be digging into the Psalms together in the first half of 2018, using this study guide (which you can buy at a very discountd price at church on Sunday mornings).

The key question is this: What will your plan be? How does God want you to dig into His Word in the coming year?

Whatever plan you choose, get in the Word. And then drench your Bible reading with prayer and worship. And then watch your passion for Jesus continue to grow in 2018.