Habakkuk – Living By Faith

Habakkuk – Living By Faith

Study 5 , “Living By Faith”,  concludes our study of the book of Habakkuk. This lesson brings awesome truths to ponder and great applications for our lives.  Hopefully you will have time to spend several days working through this final lesson.

Under Habakkuk 3:3-15, pg. 37

Notice God’s power and majesty on display in chapter 3. Take some time to read a few of the Old Testament accounts Habakkuk might be referring to in these verses.

Exodus 15:1-21 and Joshua 10:1-15 are two passages you could begin with.

After reading, “Living as children of the promise”, pg. 40:

Psalm 17 and 90 are Prayers of Trust similar to Habakkuk’s Prayer in chapter 3. Consider praying through one of these psalms, applying your own specific circumstances as you cry out to the Lord.

Or, using Habakkuk’s closing prayer and declaration as your guide, (3:17-19), write out your own

Prayer of Trust:

*Remembering His faithfulness in the past

* Declaring God’s promises for you in the present

* Giving thanks for specific characteristics of God and His gift of salvation