January Sermon Series: Life Together as His People

January Sermon Series: Life Together as His People

His People

What’s church supposed to be about? Why do we gather in small groups throughout the week? Why does it matter how welcoming we are toward newcomers? How can we help people who are hurting, straying, or stuck? What’s my role as a church member? 

We find profound answers to these questions as we remember that this is Jesus’s church. He started the whole idea of church, and he is still our Good Shepherd, and His Great Commission is still His vision for His people. As a church we don’t want to chase the latest fads or trends: we want to follow Christ together in His design for our local chruch.

On January 8, we’ll begin with “HIS Message,” and then continue to consider throughout the month how Christ’s teaching shapes our life together as a local church. (And then in Februray we will be returning to the Gospel of Luke, following the journey of Christ toward Good Friday and Easter.)

Join us this month! Invite friends who are open to connecting with church in the new year. And pray for God to use this sermon series to deepen our discipleship, mission, and worship.