Justice, Restoration, and Renewal

Justice, Restoration, and Renewal

Our church-planting network, Acts 29, has published a “A Call to Justice, Restoration, and Renewal.” We believe these topics are important for Christians to think carefully—and “Christianly”—about. You can find the entire, longer statement online.  Here is an excerpt:

George Floyd’s death-plea, “I can’t breathe,” has become the rallying cry for people who have experienced the suffocating grip of racial oppression and injustice. Racism is undeniably woven into the fabric of this nation…Black men and women live under the particularly heavy shadow of generational pain that is the result of gross inequality and inequity…

We’re thankful for law enforcement and elected officials who understand the God-given responsibility to serve and protect all citizens. It’s a weighty responsibility to put on a badge and commit to serving as a compassionate first responder—always ready to enter into harm’s way to fight for the lives of the citizens entrusted to one’s care and protection. We thank God for first responders who put their lives at risk to help others, and for leaders who boldly cultivate peace, justice, and unity. But we grieve the misuse of power that unnecessarily harms people without due process. We call on our law enforcement officials and public leaders to address systematic failures to serve and protect our citizens in order to cultivate unity and understanding in our cities and nation….

Even as we’ve witnessed that violence begets violence in cities across the nation, we pray the Spirit of God will bring peace and move God’s people to be peacemakers rather than merely peacekeepers (Matt. 5:9).

We believe the church is the greatest hope to show what unity can look like in the midst of ever-deepening divides (Eph. 2:11–22)…And yet, we recognize that, too often, churches are caught up in politicized narratives, forgetting our allegiance to our one true king, Jesus Christ. Therefore, we repent for seeking the comfort of alignment with a worldly power that compromises our Christian witness and the prophetic voice of God’s people. We call Christians to band together in the unity of the Spirit and the bond of peace, to confront and battle injustice and to cry out together for those whose voices are too weary to be raised. This is not a side battle; this is part of our calling to battle sin and death. It’s part of taking up our cross and following Jesus.

(Artwork from Chicago, created by Anthony Medrano)