Mary Chandler Invites Women to Serve at Lifespring

Mary Chandler Invites Women to Serve at Lifespring

When I first became involved at Lifespring four years ago, it was the culmination of a long process. I was struck by the fact that neither I nor my friends were very busy doing the kinds of things God’s Word makes a big deal of in caring for the least of these.

Then, I began thinking about the example I was setting for my children. What were they seeing in my life as a Christian when they looked at me? I went to church every Sunday and fellowship groups during the week. We had church friends over for dinner. We helped our friends, most from church, in need. Was that all Christ was calling me to—to serve other Christians?

I also began thinking about evangelism. My world was pretty narrow and I wasn’t sharing the Gospel because I wasn’t around non-Christians. Even my neighbors were all Christians. I could strike up conversations with people in stores, but I wasn’t sure how to turn that into a Gospel conversation without being weird, especially when I was often in a rush and had a child in tow.

In the process, the Lord led me to learn more about Wayside Cross’ Lifespring Ministry. Lifespring serves women who have been through rough times—like I had. Women who have made poor decisions and are suffering the consequences—like I had. Women who struggle with the same fears and weaknesses that I have struggled with at various times in life. Women trying to get back on their feet. It sounded like the perfect opportunity.

Have you walked through a similar thought process? I invite you to consider how you, too, might serve at Lifespring Ministries. Mentoring at Lifespring is not a huge commitment. Timewise, it’s about an hour and a half per week at a time that works with my schedule. They provide a Bible study curriculum, so there is structure to the meetings. Having the opportunity to make a new friend, pray with someone who is struggling, and see God work is beyond rich. I don’t have all the answers, but I do have an ear to hear and I know the God who does have answers.

Maybe mentoring isn’t for you, but there are other ways that you might be able to serve and encourage the women of Wayside Cross’ Lifespring Ministry. I encourage you to visit one of Lifespring’s volunteer orientation events to learn about what they are doing. Come to our game nights to get to know the ladies in residence. Perhaps the Lord has a role for you.