Next Step in Elder Process: Praying and Fasting

Next Step in Elder Process: Praying and Fasting

Hi Redeemer Family,

Back in February, we began a process of identifying new elders for the next stretch of our life together.  Shortly thereafter, we received nominations of men you considered qualified and already demonstrating an inclination to shepherd the flock.  Since then, Tom Bonenberger, Ken Wahrman, Travis Pyykkonen, Jason Mead, and Michael VanHuis have been involved in a process that is now drawing to a close.  Before our official vote on December 5, we want to invite the entire congregation to join us in one more crucial step.

The process of appointing elders has always been one that ought to be primarily upward-looking.  The Apostle Paul’s process of identifying elders among the various churches he planted involved prayer and fasting (see Acts 14:23).  We had a sweet night of prayer together last month, and this week, we’d like to ask the whole church to spend some focused time in prayer and fasting.  

This Thursday, November 18, please consider fasting from a meal (or more) and spending extra time in prayer, particularly focused on asking the Holy Spirit to lead us to the very end of this process; that He would appoint the right men to shepherd our church into this next season (see Acts 20:28), and that we would move forward in unity and faith.  Gather with your family to pray, get together with friends or small group members to pray, even pray with someone over the phone as you’re able.  And let’s pray watchfully, expecting the Holy Spirit to hear and lead us as we make our requests known.  

We look forward to experiencing the grace of the Lord as we draw near in this together.  

Josh Anderson, Josh Fenska, Tim Tatum, Matt Vent