None Like Him, Chapter 1

None Like Him, Chapter 1

None Like Him, Supplements for Chapter 1,  “Infinite

These suggestions are entirely optional and mainly for the purpose of personal study, meditation, and reflection.
Fellowship group leaders may choose to use a supplemental question or Scripture passage  during group discussion, in addition to the questions presented at the end of each chapter.

Take 1 or more days to study each of the following chapters:

Exodus 15
I Kings 8

  • Which of God’s communicable and non-communicable attributes, listed on page 24, do you see highlighted in these chapters?
  • Specifically, where and how do you see God’s Infiniteness on display?

“Consider the majesty of a limitless God; meditate on His perfections.” page 13

Meditate on the following Psalms:
Psalm 113
Psalm 145

  • declare God’s attributes back to Him.
  • offer prayers of praise to our Infinite God!

“God is infinite! We’ve got to eliminate all careless speech here. You and I talk about unlimited wealth, but there’s no such thing; you can count it. We talk about boundless energy, but there’s no such thing;  you can measure a man’s energy. We say an artist takes infinite pains with his picture. But he just does the best he can and then throws up his hands…..That is a misuse of the words “boundless’, “unlimited”, and “infinite”.  These words describe God-they don’t describe anything but God.”
A.W. Tozer, The Attributes of God

Something to ponder:
Question 4, page 30,
Do you find yourself withholding love from someone, all because you have measured them with your ruler of conduct and found them wanting?
Do you find yourself plotting to gain control over this person?
How can you instead,  pray and plot how to extend limitless love? Page 25.
Confess this to the Lord.
Receive and thank Him for His limitless forgiveness and love towards you.
On page 16, Jen says, God’s “limitlessness underlies all of His attributes”.
Our God is limitless in His Sovereignty, His Love, His Power……….
He is LIMITLESS in EVERY single attribute listed on page 24!
Consider this:
There is NO limit to God’s ability  to:

  • Take a habitual sin and break its power over you
  • Turn a wayward child or loved one towards His Creator
  • Take a broken marriage or relationship and bring restoration and redemption.


Look up the word “able” in the back of your Bible and meditate on passages that describe God’s limitless abilities.
Here are two passages to get you started:
Daniel 3:8-18
Romans 4:13-24

“We educated Americans…pray to a god short of what he ought to be….He is the infinite, perfect, all-knowing, all-wise, all-loving, infinitely boundless perfect God!”
A.W. Tozer

Think of a specific situation where you need to profess and cling to God’s limitlessness/infiniteness.
What lies are you believing, thinking that God is either unable or undesiring to help you?

How should the knowledge that God is Infinite change the way that you’re thinking about this particular situation?

“How should the knowledge that God is Infinite change the way that I live” today? page 17

“God doesn’t extend into space; God contains space.”

“If you could think of a sheet of paper infinitely extended in all directions, and if you took a pencil and made a line one inch long on it, that would be time. When you started to push your pencil it was the beginning of time and when you lifted it off the paper it was the end of time. And all around, infinitely extended in all directions, is God.”  C.S. Lewis

 “O, pity for evermore that there should be such a one as Christ Jesus, so boundless, so bottomless, and so incomparable in infinite excellency and sweetness, and so few to take Him.”
     –Samuel Rutherford

 There is an eye that never sleeps beneath the wing of night.
There is an ear that never shuts when sink the beams of light.
There is an arm that never tires when human strength gives way.
There is a love that never fails when earthly loves decay.
That eye unseen o’er watcheth all; that arm upholds the sky.
That ear doth hear the sparrow’s call; that love is ever nigh.
–James C. Wallace