None Like Him, Introduction

None Like Him, Introduction

None Like Him, by Jen Wilkin
Introduction, pages 9-14

Here are a few additional options for personal study and/or fellowship discussions:

Scripture Readings: Psalm 111, 112, Hebrews 12

Reflection Questions:

As you consider the past few days/weeks, do you need the Spirit’s help to grow more in taking sin seriously/repenting, OR in seeing God’s grace and forgiveness through Jesus, as bigger than your sin?

Where do you find yourself fearing man, or loving yourself, rather than, or more than, fearing/loving God?

Have you  “lost sight of the majesty of God”? What is filling your vision instead?
What’s one specific step you can take to regularly, “consider the majesty of your limitless God”?

While reading and meditating on Psalm 111 and 112,
What characteristics describe a woman who fears the Lord?
What are some of the gifts and benefits the Lord promises to those who fear Him?

Additional Resources while reading the Introduction:

  • The Joy of Fearing God, by Jerry Bridges
  • Psalm 119 study, Lesson 8, Day 4
  • Transcript from RCC Spring Retreat, Hebrews 12  Hebrews 12_18-29

Optional Resources for the year:

The Attributes of God, A.W. Pink

Knowing God, J.I. Packer

The Knowledge of the Holy; The Attributes of God, A.W. Tozer