Note During a COVID Spike (Nov 12)

Note During a COVID Spike (Nov 12)

As you are probably aware, COVID numbers in our area have risen significantly in the last couple of weeks. Kane and Kendall counties each have 7-day positivity averages over 20% this week (after hovering around 3 to 5% all summer), hospitalizations are up significantly, and most of us know someone who has COVID. While we are all tired of hearing about COVID, the fact is that we are currently experiencing the most widespread outbreak in our counties yet this year.

We do plan to continue our worship gatherings on Sundays. But in the midst of these rising numbers, we want to mention a few things regarding health and safety at our “in person” worship services:

  • This week, we will slightly reduce the number of reservations for the 3:00 service (about a dozen fewer people), with the goal of limiting seating to 25% of the room’s technical capacity.

  • Especially during this spike, let’s continue to be wise with basic health and safety measures (including distance and face masks), so that others can feel safe coming to worship.

A couple of additional notes:

  • If you have health vulnerabilities, or if you are simply trying to take the greatest level of precaution, the recent spike means that this week might be a good time to consider worshiping at home. We can’t eliminate all risks, and the risks are greater for some of us than for others. We love you and we’d miss seeing you in person, but we will gladly support the idea of you taking extra health precautions during this spike. We will leave that decision up to you; please feel free to contact an elder or deacon to help you think through that. Several brothers in our church family have worked hard to make the 3:00 livestream work well for those of us who need to worship at home for a time.

  • If you are experiencing any symptoms (fatigue, headache, muscle aches, congestion, sore throat, fever, cough, etc) or have recently been in “close contact” (within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more over 24 hours) with someone who has COVID, please worship at home out of courtesy to others. And, of course, please let your small group and the elders know so we can pray for you and support you!