Parenting Seminar May 2020

Parenting Seminar May 2020

Dear Fellow Parents,

I love being a dad! It’s one of my favorite things to be. And it’s really difficult being a dad. Not so much because my children are difficult, but because I am. I have issues. I need help. God’s grace is at work in me, but I require a lot of work.  

I have found that frequent check-ups, reminders, and restarts are essential in pretty much every area of my life, parenting being no exception. Perhaps you find yourself with more free evenings than you’re used to these days. Can I encourage you to set aside five to six hours over the next few weeks to focus on parenting for the sake of growth and encouragement — both for you and your children?  

Many of us have benefited from the ministry of Paul Tripp over the years. He has recently released a new parenting seminar called Parenting: It’s Not What You Think It Is, and we have purchased a license to allow a group from our church to view it at home. It consists of four 45-minute teachings covering the early years through the teen years.  (See session descriptions below.)  

In addition to watching the videos on your own time, we’d also like to help organize small group discussions around the material, providing opportunities for newer parents to interact with more seasoned parents, and for seasoned parents to interact with one another. 

If you’re willing to invest in your parenting in this way during the month of May, please contact Jill Poel ( by Wednesday, May 6. We trust that God will use these hours to focus and strengthen your efforts as parents for the good of your kids, your own hearts, and the glory of Jesus Christ. Please join in!

Four Parenting Sessions:

  1. Give Up Control: The goal of parenting is not to control your child’s life; they will quickly outgrow your authority and be independent individuals. Don’t miss the big picture of what God has called you to do.
  2. Shape Their Character: Your children will reveal their lack of character over and over again. Learn how to lovingly expose the sin in their hearts and point them to the forgiveness of Jesus.
  3. Thrive In The Teen Years: Culture portrays this period of life as a chaotic season to be survived, but the Bible is very optimistic about what can be accomplished. Learn how to make the most of the teen years and help them successfully transition from childhood to adulthood.
  4. Rest In God: Parents who rest in God will experience abounding joy as a mother or father. This hope-infused conclusion will remind you that God never calls you to raise your kids without first providing you everything you need.