Praying about Some Priorities for the Year

Praying about Some Priorities for the Year

Post by Josh Fenska

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This ministry year, as a team of elders, we have been praying that God will spread a gospel passion in our hearts, in our homes, and beyond.

Under that banner vision, we’ve been pursuing a few strategic priorities:

  • Cultivating our joy in the Lord in everything we do as a church
  • Stirring up greater vision for discipleship at home
  • Mobilizing leaders and members for gospel ministry

For Redeemer members, I don’t think there’s anything new or surprising below. But I’m writing because we want to invite you to continue praying with us along these lines. Here are some more detailed ways you can join in prayer:

  • Pray for greater vision and intentionality throughout our church related to discipleship at home. Because if we’re busy with good things, yet neglecting our homes, there is something essentially hypocritical, right? We want to continue to foster a church culture that strengthens and equips parents for their important work. This weekend we will be hosting a Discipleship at Home Seminar about parenting with Biblical goals, with Mike and Bev Bullmore. We also have a group of parents with kids younger than the teenage years who are in the middle of a Shepherding Hearts Parenting Course (led by Larry and Beth Muzik), meeting twice per month continuing through the spring.
  • Pray for more church leaders & members to be mobilized for ministry. We aren’t just aiming to gather attenders for Sunday; we are aiming to make disciples of Jesus for the glory of God. Taking steps forward in our church’s mission involves everyone. We’re doing the Redeemer Church Leadership Course (with 15 men you nominated), with the goal of having more elders, deacons, small group leaders, and servants ready to run. And we also want to continue to invite and challenge church members to get involved in gospel ministry–in your small group, in your church, in your community. If you are looking for further ways you can serve, contact Tom Bonenberger who (as a deacon) would love to help you find ways to serve others to the glory of God.
  • Pray for heartfelt joy to spread throughout our church body — on Sundays, in small groups, in youth ministry, at retreats…in everything we do. The simple command of Scripture stands: “Rejoice in the Lord always” (Phil. 4:4). However busy we may be (even with good things like parenting seminars and serving in the community), our efforts will be hollow if they are not fueled by a genuine love for God. Above all, in everything we do as a church–our prayer is that we will stir up in each other’s hearts a genuine gospel passion. Join us in praying toward that end.


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