Redeemer Church Leadership Course Recap

Redeemer Church Leadership Course Recap

At the end of 2015, the elders asked for nominations from members of the church for men who should participate in our first ever Redeemer Church Leadership Course.  This was born out of a strong conviction that God was calling us to equip and position more men to take on increased leadership within the church.  For the past nine months, a dozen men have completed Bible assignments, reading assignments, prayer assignments (including a 4-hour chunk of time alone with God), and intentional-talking-with-your-wife assignments as well as gathered together for a monthly time of fellowship, prayer, and exhortation as each man has sought the Lord’s direction and growth in leadership.  It was a rich nine months, and our church is stronger because of it.

We’ve asked two men from the RCLC to share their experiences in order to give the church a better feel for how it impacted them personally:

From Matt McGinnis:

Gathering as men with a heart for Jesus is powerful. Over the past several months, men from our church, nominated by the body, did just that in an effort to pursue true discipleship. Being a part of that group was an honor and a blessing.

More than just a book club, these meetings gave us time as men to dive into God’s Word and take what was there and peer together into the heart of the Father for our church. What emerged from these conversations was inspiring, and encouraged us to ask, seek, and knock all the more as we continue to grow as a congregation.

Getting perspectives and insight from men that have walked with Jesus for many more years than myself was reviving. I was amazed at how real and honest each one of these precious brothers were as we talked from theology to marriage to fatherhood and beyond. To see the light of gospel in these men, as they daily pursue Christ is a privilege I will not soon forget.

As we move forward, I am excited to run after Jesus with great passion with these men. These past months have done a lot to solidify relationships that already existed, and build new ones unto the glory of God. May He bless us as we continue to steward his church faithfully.

From Jon Seger:

I want to share two things that were encouraging & impactful to me over the last few months of attending the RCLC meetings. First, for each meeting, we had homework assignments. One part of each homework assignment was intended to be completed with our wife. These times together with Misha were sweet, and God used them to deepen our marriage as well as instill in me a desire to lead my family better. Plus, we found out we really like talking together on our porch! And second, There aren’t many things more impactful than getting together with a group of God-fearing men once a month to talk about Jesus and encourage one another. Hanging out with them makes me want to love Jesus & others better.


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