Tanzania Team Support

Tanzania Team Support

Thank you for loving and supporting the Lindstroms and Pattersons as they begin serving with Haven of Peace Academy (HOPAC) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  Current prayer requests for each family (and specifics they’re excited about!) are below.

If you would like to support either family financially, you can do so through their sending organization, Network of International Schools. Click here for the Donate page.  Choose “staff support” to give to a specific family.

Lindstrom’s code is 004355
Patterson’s code is 004372

The Lindstroms are excited about:
Returning to HOPAC (campus, staff, students) in a new role
Welcoming some Redeemer family for visits (hopefully!)
Adventuring & exploring in Tanzania
Power and water outages… NOT!
Playing on the basketball team & running the mile at HOPAC (Wesley)
Snack bar – frozen juice, chips mayai (Anna)
Agnes (house help), lizards, the ocean, & ANIMALS!! (Laura)
HOPAC school assemblies
Showing the Pattersons around
Driving on SUPER bumpy roads with 4-wheel drive

The Lindstrom’s prayer requests:
For the Lord to go before them:
-preparing Chris for his new role in leadership
-helping their kids readjust to life in Tanzania
-helping them reintegrate into the community
For the kids’ hearts; there has been a lot of transition in the last 18 months
For unity, vision, and wisdom for HOPAC’s leadership
For the Lord to keep working in their hearts:
-to trust Him more
-to be rooted in Him
-to see heaven as their true home

The Pattersons are excited about:
Making new friends
Getting doggies (Gwenny)
Eating mango (Brandt)
Learning new things and trying new foods!
Driving on the LEFT (Aaron)
Living by the Indian Ocean
Feeling more of their real dependence on Jesus
Seeing hedgehogs (Tessie) and lizards (Harvey) in their yard!
Teaching (Aaron) and attending (kids) school
Experiencing more of God’s world in the nature and cuture of East Africa!

The Patterson’s prayer requests:
For travel logistics
For patience and humility while they settle in and adjust to life in a foreign place
For grace for the adjustment to student/teacher life at HOPAC (new for all of them!)
For grace for Andrea who will have a less defined role but will probably carry more of the burdens of cross-cultural living
For the Lord to lead them to the right church – and help them build fellowship with new friends
For faithfulness in maintaining relationships in the US
For financial provision
For good health