We Believe in Prayer

We Believe in Prayer

This Thursday night, we will have a church prayer & worship night at Jeff & Mary Hunt’s home. If you need an address or directions, please contact the church office.

Why are we gathering to pray? Because we unapologetically believe in prayer.

More precisely, we believe in God. But because we believe in the power of God and the truth of His Word, we also believe in the power of prayer.

In his Systematic Theology, Wayne Grudem offers this compelling (and maybe eye-opening) assessment of the power of prayer:

“If we were really convinced that prayer changed the way God acts, and that God does bring about remarkable changes in the world in response to prayer, as Scripture repeatedly teaches that he does, then we would pray much more than we do. If we pray little, it is probably because we do not really believe that prayer accomplishes much at all.”

We want to be disciples who are devoted to prayer, and (together) we want to be a church that is devoted to prayer. Join us this Thursday as we pray for:

  • church facility
  • church life
  • our community
  • the nations
  • one another