Women, Don’t Be Isolated in Your Isolation

Women, Don’t Be Isolated in Your Isolation

Sisters, let’s not allow “social distancing” to prevent us from loving each other, building relationships, and having fun together! Fellowship these days requires a little extra initiative and creativity, but we are sure to reap what we sow. Check out our upcoming women’s event and some creative ways to stay connected to your Redeemer girls:

Join us for a
Zoom Pajama Party

Saturday, May 2, 7:30 p.m.

 Contests, Prizes, and Games
for the extroverts and
the introverts among us!

Ages 18 and up are welcome

Please rsvp no later than April 26
to  treasure.noel@gmail.com 

A few ideas for how we can love one another and fight against isolation:

  1. Organize a car parade for a birthday or special day (graduations are coming!)
  2. Ding dong ditch (leave a treat, flowers, or a meal!)
  3. Send cards and letters
  4. Host a Zoom tea party
  5. Text someone you don’t talk to regularly
  6. Host a Zoom Bible study
  7. Plan a game night with group apps
  8. Pick up groceries for vulnerable people 
  9. Host a small baking or food decorating competition
  10. Organize an online book club to discuss a book you want to read. 
  11. Look through church directory and reach out to someone you haven’t spoken with recently
  12. Host a zoom class for painting, crafting, baking, etc.
  13. Lead an online exercise class
  14. Brainstorm with a few other women ways you can work together to bless women at Lifespring
  15. Geo caching – leave fun things for each other to find
  16. Use Marco Polo or Voxer to send messages
  17. Pray for each other