Prayer Discipleship Course (First Mtg)

Prayer Discipleship Course (First Mtg)

Prayer is oxygen for the Christian. It sustains us.
So it follows that prayer must be a source of life
for any community of Christians.
– John Onwuchekwa, Prayer


“Prayer is hard work, like it is [hard work] building any other relationship
through consistent and healthy communication. Therefore the best way
to think of growing in the power of the Spirit through prayer is training.”
– Sam Storms, Practicing the Power




  1. Growing in love for prayer.
  2. Growing in habits of personal prayer.
  3. Growing in desperation/dependence on God.
  4. Growing in faith and expectancy.
  5. Growing in ministering to others in prayer.



  • Saturdays 8-10am 
  • Location TBD
  • Feb 2 (Read at least chapters 1, 4, and 5 of Paul Miller, A Praying Life — or read all of chapters 1-8! Assignments to following meetings to follow.)
  • Feb 16
  • Mar 2
  • Mar 16
  • Mar 30


Book to purchase in advance:

  • Paul Miller, A Praying Life