Lifespring is a restoration center for single women and women with children.  They are located in the heart of Aurora. They specifically help women who have lost their homes due to addiction, abuse, or financial crisis. They minister to women through biblical guidance & Bible studies as well as life skills instruction.  

The key to commitment with Lifespring is consistency.  Whether you are serving on a monthly basis as a game-night leader or on a weekly basis as a classroom teacher or mentor, being consistent with your commitment will go a long way towards building relationships with the women.  

Some possible areas of commitment are:

– Childcare workers: opportunities available 2 hours/day during the week
– Exercise class leader: 1 hour class session per week
– Game Night Leader: 2-3 hours on a Friday night – you are welcome to bring in any group of friends to play games with the residents!  This is the highlight of their week.
– Gardening / Yardwork: timing is up to the volunteer
– Class Teachers: Lifespring runs two classes each day M-F.  Each individual class is 1 hour and they range from Bible studies to life skills to exercise, etc.  The class can be whatever the teacher wants it to be (pending approval by the director)
– Mentors: meet with a woman one time/week
– Individual/Special project help –  If you are gifted at organizing toys, cleaning out a kitchen, adding artwork/design to their interior space – you can get you involved! 

Lifespring is eager to plug you in to serve in whatever capacity you are gifted or feel called to serve!

Complete a background check (paid for by Lifespring & takes about 10-15 minutes)

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