Small Groups Copy

Small Groups Copy

Churches are not made of programs. They’re made of people.

Ministry is not all supposed to be done by the pastors. In God’s design, ministry involves every member of the church.

At Redeemer we value community, hospitality, and one-another ministry. And a lot of that happens through our Community Groups and our Men’s or Women’s Fellowship Groups.

Community Groups

These are groups of 12-20 people in a given area, who are building deeper friendships and fellowship in Christ. About once per month, we gather for a meal together (couples & singles, younger & older, long-time church members and newcomers). After the meal, we  spend time talking about the Bible and real-life stuff, then take some time to pray for one another. The result? Over time, we grow closer to each other, and closer to Jesus. We learn to live out God’s design for his church body.

Men’s & Women’s Groups

Within each community group, there are smaller Men’s and Women’s Fellowship Groups that get together more often. These groups of 4-8 people get together 2-4 times per month. 

We see three key ingredients contributing to deep, life-impacting fellowship:

  1. open Bibles
  2. open lives
  3. genuine prayer

When you mix up these three simple ingredients in a safe, authentic, gospel-saturated environment, God does good stuff! It’s pretty much as simple as that.

Get Started

We’d love to invite you to join in. The best first step is usually just to come to a community group meal near you. We currently have a number of groups in Aurora, as well as Sugar Grove, Wheaton, and Yorkville. If you would like to learn more, please contact us, or find someone at the Welcome Table on Sunday morning. We’d love to help you get plugged in to the best group for you.