Q & A for Indoor Worship in the Winter of 2020

Q & A for Indoor Worship in the Winter of 2020

Our approach to meeting indoors will lean on personal responsibility, mutual respect, and gospel unity.

What about MASKS?

In keeping with our host church’s health guidelines, we ask that you wear a mask inside the building, including when singing. You may remove your mask when listening during the service.

  • Those leading up front on the stage will not wear masks.
  • The “fine print” part: of course there are exceptions for those who cannot medically tolerate a mask or for younger children. 


  • Please do your best to keep 6 feet of distance throughout the building.
  • In consideration of others, please stay home if you are unwell, or if you have had prolonged exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days.


How will social distancing be maintained during the service?

  • In the sanctuary, we will have both “regular” and “9-Feet” seating available. 
  • In both areas, there will be 6-foot spacers to help you maintain that distance between you and those not on your “quaranteam.” You are welcome to slide the spacers down the pew or move them under the pew depending on your specific seating needs.
  • Regular seating will use every other pew to offer 6 feet of distance between you and those in front of and behind you.

What is the 9-Feet Seat Zone?

  • The 9-Feet Seat Zone is a back portion of the sanctuary that will be reserved for a limited number of people who prefer greater distance boundaries. 
  • 9-Feet seating will use every third pew to offer 9 feet of distance between you and those in front of and behind you.


Why do I need to make a reservation?

This is so that you and others can arrive with confidence that there is space available for you. In this unique season, to allow for social distancing, we are limiting seating in the sanctuary to 35% of the room’s capacity, and we anticipate that some services will use all available seats.

How do I make a reservation?

Please complete the form by choosing the “3pm Service” or “5pm Service” button on the front page of our website. 

Do visitors need reservations?

We will hold a handful of seats for visitors. If you are bringing guests, please make a reservation on their behalf.

How do I cancel a reservation?

Please email Jill at jpoel @redeemercom.org to cancel your reservation.

What if I didn’t make a reservation?

We will always keep at least 10 extra seats available for guests or those who forgot to make a reservation. In a packed service, the foyer could be used for overflow seating. 

Do I need to make a new reservation every week?

Yes. The form will open every Tuesday for the following Sunday’s service. This will especially help as we develop habits that will balance the attendance of the two services. 


Will there be children’s ministry classes?

As a first step, Children’s Ministry will only be available for our “walkers” class (15 – 36 months old), and only at the 3pm service (due to facility availability). Please register your child one time and then reserve their spot weekly when you reserve your seats for a Sunday service. 

What about my kids in the service?

We want the sanctuary to be family friendly (crying babies and all!). We also plan to make space available for parents with younger kids in a “cry room” at the back of the sanctuary, and in the entryway. 


How will the Lord’s Supper be served?

The Lord’s Supper will be celebrated each week. 

  • Bread will be served in individual cups at the front of the sanctuary. The bread and juice will be prepared ahead of time by one person who will wear a mask and gloves.
  • Lord’s Supper lines will form on the outside aisles, move to the front, and return up the center aisle. As you move through the sanctuary, please take care to maintain 6 feet of distance from others around you.
  • Each person will take a cup with a cracker in it and a cup with juice in it. (Please watch for a label indicating gluten-free crackers.)
  • After you have taken your bread and juice, please move to the open area or return to your seat to partake of it.
  • If you are sitting in the Super Safe Zone and want to participate in the Lord’s Supper, please send a family member to pick up the elements for you, or ask the usher in that area to help you.


When do I return to gatherings and small group after having Covid?

  • Return to gatherings/small group after:
    • 10 days have passed since your symptoms first appeared AND
    • You’ve been fever-free for 24 hours (without fever-reducing medications) AND
    • Your Covid symptoms are improving. (This does not include lost of taste and smell, which may persist beyond recovery.)
    • More information available here.