Wayside Cross Master’s Touch Program

Wayside Cross Master’s Touch Program

Wayside Cross

Wayside Cross is a Bible-based, Christ-centered shelter and recovery center whose ministries are dedicated to helping the homeless, addicted, abused, at-risk, and imprisoned experience the transformational hope of Jesus Christ. Their Master’s Touch program offers life-transforming men’s shelter and a comprehensive, six-month residential recovery program for troubled lives that are out of control as a result of drugs, alcohol or some other destructive behavior pattern. Men engaged in the Master’s Touch program participate in comprehensive discipleship with the Wayside staff as well as a one-on-one mentoring program facilitated through local church partners.

The time commitment to be a Master’s Touch mentor is one hour of dialog with your mentee per week. Typically mentoring occurs in one of the counseling rooms at the Wayside facility in Aurora.  Sometimes, mentors choose to pick up their mentee at Wayside and meet off campus at a nearby restaurant or coffee shop. If exposure to COVID is a concern, virtual meetings are available via SKYPE.

Mentoring discussion topics cover the spectrum – from how the mentee is getting along at Wayside, both relationally and with their homework assignments; discussion of life goals; and, for men who want to grow spiritually, active pursuit of participation in a local church.

Typically, prospective mentors conduct an introductory interview with the Master’s Touch Director.  Redeemer Community Church presently has a number of men serving as Master’s Touch mentors and we can get you in touch with any of these men if you want to learn more about their experiences in mentorship.
Wayside conducts a mentor’s training and appreciation breakfasts about twice a year which is always an encouraging experience.

If you’re interested in becoming a mentor or learning more:
Contact Tom Bonenberger
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