What to Expect

What to Expect

We would be happy for you to join us this Sunday. One thing you can expect if you visit is a warm welcome.

If you’re thinking about visiting, here are some answers to common questions.

Q: Who’s invited?

Everyone is invited. Even if you haven’t ever really been to church before, or if it’s been a really long time, or if you’ve had bad experiences with church in the past, we’d be honored to have you join us on a Sunday.

Q: Where is it located?

We meet at Plank Jr. High in Oswego. As you approach on Wolf’s Crossing Road (from either direction) you’ll see some red & white signs for Redeemer Community Church. 

Q: Will I be asked to give money?

You will not be asked to give any money. There will be an opportunity in the middle of the service for members of this church to give financially, but we never ask our guests to contribute.

Q: What will the music be like?

The music is full of life. We sing a variety of songs–some are new songs written in the past year or two, some are classic hymns written centuries ago. We typically have a band with keyboard, drums, electric guitar, and so on. You’re free to join in worship through singing or reflecting, sitting or standing. And if you don’t feel familiar with the music, you’re welcome to simply listen to the music and the message of the lyrics.

Q: What will the rest of the service be like?

After a time of singing, a pastor leads the church in prayer, and then typically shares one or two announcements. In the heart of the meeting, a pastor will preach a relevant, Scripture-based, Christ-centered message. After the sermon, we will often take the Lord’s Supper and then sing one last song in worship.

The service usually runs about an hour and a half. There will be coffee and pretzels available after the meeting, and many people hang out for quite a while after the service — praying, meeting people, or catching up and laughing together. If you come, hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet you before you leave.

Q: What should I wear?

Dress is pretty casual, and fairly diverse. So wear what you feel comfortable wearing; you don’t need to bother dressing to impress others. Jeans are really common, but many women will wear skirts or dresses, and some men will wear coats and/or ties. In the summer months, you definitely wouldn’t be the only person wearing shorts.

Q: What about kids?

We offer fun, safe classes for kids up to 5th grade. When you arrive on Sunday, you’ll easily find our “Redeemer Kids Check-In” table where you can get your kids quickly signed up (this helps us contact you through the paging system if there are any needs), and where friendly volunteers can answer any questions you’d have. If you have any questions about Redeemer Kids prior to your visit, please contact Aleece Root (aroot@redeemercom.org), our Children’s Ministry Coordinator. She’ll be glad to explain more.