Middle School Donuts & Doctrine

  • Every second Sunday of the month until May 13, 2018|8:30am – 9:30am
  • Coordinator: Aleece Root
The middle school years, in all of their awkward glory, present some new and wonderful opportunities for intentional discipleship in the life of a teenager.  These are often the years when kids begin asking their own questions and coming to their own conclusions about things they've always simply taken for granted.  It's a strategic time to provide clear and specific teaching of Biblical truths in an age-appropriate way.  
Donuts & Doctrine is designed to give middle schoolers the opportunity to take a deeper look at what the Bible teaches on a variety of foundational topics.  Using Wayne Grudem's helpful little book, Christian Beliefs, parents and their middle schoolers gather together from 8:30-9:30am the second Sunday of each month throughout the school year to do just that.  And donuts are involved as well.  
Here's the schedule for this year:
  • September:  Intro
  • October:  Ch. 1 — What is the Bible?
  • November:  Ch. 2 — What is God Like?
  • December:  Chs. 3-4 — What is the Trinity?  &  What is Creation?
  • January:  none (winter retreat)
  • February:  Chs. 5-6 — What is Prayer?  &  What are Angels, Satan, and Demons?
  • March:  Chs. 7-8 — What is Man?  &  What is Sin?
  • April:  Ch. 9 — Who is Christ?
  • May:  Chs. 10-11 — What is the Atonement?  &  What is the Resurrection?
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