Resources for Aid

Resources for Aid

In this difficult time, many already are already facing significant challenges. As a church, we want to help in a variety of ways. Let us know what needs you have. 

Also, we want you to be aware of reliable information about state and local resources available for you:

Local Assistance:

State and Federal Assistance:

Other Kinds of Assistance:


The below information comes directly from an article from WGN Chicago called “Where to Go If You Have Lost Your Job or Are In Trouble with Your Bills .”

On March 19, 2020, Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker announced several efforts to bring economic relief to those hit hardest by COVID-19. There are also additional services and resources available for people who suddenly find themselves out of work.

Unemployment insurance
Pritzker said unemployment insurance is available to those without paid sick leave or those unable to work due to COVID-19. He added that his administration has waived the seven-day waiting period, so anyone who qualifies can be immediately eligible.

Information on how to file an unemployment insurance claim can be found here.

Food assistance
Pritzker said he is working with food banks throughout the state to expand services. Links to food banks across Illinois can be found here….

Loans for small businesses
Small businesses struggling to pay rent, employees and utilities may be eligible for loans. Interest rates for Illinois businesses without credit available elsewhere is 3.75% and 2.75% for nonprofit businesses. More information on loans for small businesses in Illinois can be found here.

Utility relief
Until the state disaster declaration is lifted — utilities including energy, telecommunications and water cannot be shutoff. Information on applying for utility bill assistance can be found here.

Companies that are hiring
Some companies are urgently hiring employees to keep up with the demand of goods during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Amazon announced Tuesday they will need to hire thousands of workers to handle all the deliveries for everyone staying at home.

These companies are also hiring: