Any Updates for Sunday Afternoon August 2?

Any Updates for Sunday Afternoon August 2?


  • Restroom update: We’ve received a question about the availability of restrooms. Good news: we are able to use the indoor restrooms at Advent. Our hosts request that we wear facemasks inside the building. We also recommend accompanying children and using the available sanitizing wipes to clean after each use.


Quick update on Sunday morning about afternoon worship: everything is moving forward!

Here’s a video from this morning from Josh Fenska:


We are planning to be out at Advent Christian Church (902 N. Edgelawn, Aurora IL) for a service at 4pm (you can arrive at 3:30 if you want to see people for a few minutes).

The biggest question today may be related to the chance of rain this afternoon. We will keep moving forward with the service today, even if it’s cloudy or rainy. There is a good bit of rain shelter under a big tent, and if you want to bring your own canopy or umbrellas, that would be great. Also, there are a number of parking spots where you could sit in your car and still hear the whole service clearly.

When you arrive, you may only see signs for Advent Christian, but come on into the parking lot, and you’ll see the stage near the southeast corner of the parking lot.

If we run out of parking, we will redirect people to the parking lot of Rosary High School, just south of Advent Christian.

This is just one step forward—we hope to improve some details even by next week. This has already taken a lot of work and effort from Andrew Barber, Jill Poel, PeterJohn Hunt, Kim Jimenez, and Adam Hammond. Shout out to Nat McRostie and Chip Root who will be running sound, and all of the band, and all of the other people who will be showing up early to make this happen today. This stuff doesn’t happen without kingdom-minded faithfulness!

If there are any last-minute notes, we’ll be sure to make those available here on this page.