Guidelines for Outdoor Worship

Guidelines for Outdoor Worship

The guidelines below are designed so we can worship our great Redeemer togetherin a wise, safe, and unified way.

Our approach to these guidelines will lean on personal responsibility, mutual respect, and gospel unity. 

  • Personal responsibility—because we count on individuals to make wise decisions
  • Mutual respect—because we commit to considering the interests of others
  • Gospel unity—because we really do believe that what unites us together in Christ is far greater than any differences

Quick Reference Guidelines:

  • Physical distance: Please maintain a distance of 6ft or more (estimate 2 arm lengths) between your household and others. 
  • Distance for singing: When setting up your seating, please select a location distanced by 10ft or more from other household units.
  • Greetings: Since there are widely varying comfort levels with personal contact these days, these personal decisions call for an extra measure of care. Unless you’re certain that an individual is comfortable with closer contact, we recommend smiles and waves as a default approach that can communicate a warm greeting to anyone, even the most health vulnerable. 
  • Children: To serve one another, our request is that parents ensure that younger or more impulsive children remain near a parent.
  • Stay home if you or someone in your household is experiencing COVID symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, fever, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell). This is simple courtesy.

“Super Safe Zone”

  • There will be a designated “Super Safe Zone” for those who (perhaps because of higher risk factors) prefer a more secure seating option. 
  • An usher will be available to help ensure 10ft or more of separation between household units at all times in this zone.

Face Masks

  • Our state guidelines say that when maintaining a distance of 6ft is not possible, the use of face masks is called for, except for those under the age of two or those having trouble breathing.
  • While maintaining social distance outdoors, the use of a mask is left to your discretion.
  • When going indoors to find the restrooms, please wear a mask.

Social Distance Within the Worship Space 

  • If you have gathered with another individual or household regularly, feel free to count as one household and share space with them.


Restrooms are available inside the church. For the protection of others and in consideration of our hosts, if you need to use the restroom, please:

  • Wear a mask.
  • Accompany children to the restroom.
  • Use the available sanitizing wipes to wipe down surfaces you touch.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before exiting.

Social Distance & Safety During the Lord’s Supper

  • Bread will be served in individual cups. The bread and juice will be prepared ahead of time by one person who will wear a mask and gloves.
  • We will have one line that will move in only one direction. As you enter and exit the line, please take care to maintain 6 feet of distance with others around you.
  • You will be given a squirt of hand sanitizer at the front of the line.
  •  Each person will take a cup with a cracker in it and a cup with juice in it. (Please watch for a label indicating gluten-free crackers.)
  • After you have taken your bread and juice, please move to the open area or return to your seat to partake of it.
  • Please throw your cups in a trashcan.
  • If you are sitting in the Super Safe Zone and want to participate in the Lord’s Supper, please send a family member to pick up the elements for you, or ask the usher in that area to help you.

Containing the Potential Spread of Disease

If you develop COVID-19 symptoms within two weeks of our meeting, please inform our Health and Regathering Team by sending an email to They can help in the process of informing those who may have come in contact with you. As required by law, your privacy would be fully protected.