David’s Prayer Journal – Sermon Series

David’s Prayer Journal – Sermon Series

This week, we’re beginning a new sermon series for the next 8 weeks.

In this series we plan to look at 8 Psalms of David that include a circumstance in the description above verse 1. Of the 150 Psalms, 77 are attributed to David (e.g. “of David”), and I think 14 of those include more specific circumstances from David’s life (e.g. “when Saul sent men to watch his house in order to kill him”). Those words above verse 1 in the book of Psalms might not come from the original authors, but they are at least very ancient and worth considering. For this series, we took 8 of those Psalms with noted circumstances and arranged them in chronological order from David’s life.

Our goal is that we will learn to walk more closely and more prayerfully with God in our lives.  We’ll pay attention to how David’s soul engaged with God in a variety of circumstances, and we will learn some important lessons about how we can engage with the same God in a variety of circumstances that we find ourselves in. And, since the psalms are prayers of Christ and about Christ, we’ll also learn throughout this series how this aspect of our spiritual life is an important part of Christ-centered discipleship.

The Series Preview (As It Stands Now)

  • Enemies / Psalm 59 / Jan. 19
  • Fear / Psalm 56 / Jan. 26
  • Joy / Psalm 34 / Feb. 2
  • Hidden (Take One) / Psalm 142 / Feb. 9
  • Hidden (Take Two) / Psalm 57 / Feb. 16
  • Guilt / Psalm 51 / Feb. 23
  • Shame / Psalm 3 / Mar. 1
  • Thirst / Psalm 63 / Mar. 8

A Little Extra Background

In 2018 & 2019 we walked through the epic story of 1 & 2 Samuel, which includes the scope of King David’s life. As I was preaching, I often found it really illuminating to look at these Psalms that tell us what was going on in David’s soul. But, then immediately I would feel a tension as a preacher: “I want to say something about the Psalm that was written at this point in David’s life, but I have plenty to say just from the narrative in 2 Samuel!” So, I came up with this solution: “Before we move on, let’s preach those Psalms in a series of their own!” So, here we are!