Fight Night Follow Up – Faith & Humility

Fight Night Follow Up – Faith & Humility


If God’s Word is true, Christian marriages should grow sweeter and tenderer through the years instead of the opposite. Sadly, this is not what we often see or experience, because Satan hates our marriages and actively opposes them. That is why we must fight for our marriages, and our greatest weapons in that fight are FAITH and HUMILITY.

We talked about why the gospel gives us hope for our marriages (see the ‘gospel hope’ blog post here), God’s blueprint for our marriages, and the reality and goal of ONENESS in our marriages. Couples had three opportunities to talk with each other throughout the night. Ryan Nolan had these thoughts as he reflected on the time spent at Fight Night, “The discussion time was really helpful in order to talk about our marriage. Elise and I were encouraged to move towards one another and do the hard work of communication, even when it is uncomfortable and possibly painful. This is much better than allowing resentment and bitterness to grow. We must bring our thoughts and emotions out into the light and ask God to work.” The following questions should serve your marriage, whether or not you were able to attend:

  • If we understand that the devil wants us to be discouraged in our marriages, how is he trying to discourage you or get you off target right now?
  • What gospel truths do you need to keep at hand for your marriage to keep moving in the direction God intends?
  • What does Genesis 2:18 (alongside Ephesians 5:22-33) tell us about God’s blueprint for husbands and wives?
  • What are some of the daily-life ways you get out of step with God’s design for headship and submission?
  • How have you tasted some of the sweetness of this One-Flesh union in your marriage?
  • Husbands, are you leading the way in transparency or in hiding? Is there anything in your leadership that might make your wife feel afraid/ashamed to share her honest thoughts, feelings, and struggles with you?
  • Wives, where do you perceive blockage in your pursuit of oneness within your marriage? What makes you feel like hiding is safer than being known? How can you help your husband toward the goal of increased oneness?


PeterJohn and Elizabeth Hunt helpfully summed up the night. “We were so encouraged by the community of couples that desire to pursue their marriage seriously! It was a fun time, but also helpfully challenging! We, ironically, had a conflict (fight day) shortly before the event, and the Lord really used it to help us re-evaluate how we can be a better team and pursue things as a team! We were reminded how much others, including the pastoral team, care and want to support us in fighting for an excellent marriage. Such a fun time as well with many laughs, and the fantastic food really subsided any stomach conflicts!”


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