National Refugee Sunday

National Refugee Sunday

post by Josh Anderson

Whether we realize it or not, we are living in a pivotal moment in human history.  There are currently more than 7 million Syrians who have had to flee their homes for safety only to find much of the world unwilling to help them.  In the midst of this urgent situation, many churches throughout the US have set apart this Sunday as “National Refugee Sunday”, a day in which Christ’s people are being encouraged to join the fight to love the stranger and sojourner.

At Redeemer, we have the privilege of partnering with World Relief, as they lovingly serve refugees being resettled from around the world into our neighborhoods. From our side, our meaningful partnership with World Reflief over the past 2 years has included:

  • involving dozens of teenagers at our church’s youth camps
  • members and small groups serving as “friendship partners” with newly relocated families
  • running a weekly After School Club for more than 25 middle schoolers and high schoolers from Burma, Congo, Iraq, Nepal, and Syria
  • welcoming several refugees on most Sunday mornings

World Relief serves refugees in many ways beyond what we are connected with–English classes, job training, assistance in finding housing, and the list continues.

This next week, we as a church plan to give a financial gift to World Relief DuPage/Aurora, as one of our local ministry partners. If you would like to make a special contribution to World Relief at this time, you can do so this Sunday morning by making a check payable to Redeemer Community Church, and writing “World Relief” in the memo line.

Above all, please pray for God’s mercy on these displaced and desperate people.  Cry out on their behalf, that they would find refuge in welcoming communities, and ultimately, refuge in His steadfast love and mercy which is only found in Jesus Christ.  If followers of Jesus don’t act, who will?


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