Pray for our Children!

Pray for our Children!

We are in the middle of an excellent year of Children’s Ministry at Redeemer!  Our faithful teachers have been going the extra mile to bring God’s Word down to the little hearts in their care week in and week out.  We thought you’d be encouraged by Lynne Cowell’s story from this past Sunday.

On Monday, Lynne wrote:

Had the coolest experience in K-1 class yesterday. I was so stumped as I prepared the lesson for this class. Why was I so unmotivated? It made no sense. This is my passion. I get to teach about Jesus praying in Gethsemane and his betrayal and arrest. I see clearly now that it was the wicked enemy fighting against me. Children’s ministry is in a series of lessons on the whole Easter account – satan’s deathblow! We need the church body praying for the children and teachers during this season because the power of the gospel is being clearly presented each Sunday.
So… Class was amazing! The lesson lasted a good 20 minutes and you could’ve heard a pin drop. Their eyes were large; you could see their minds engaged. Their responses to the questions showed the spirit was revealing truth! I called them to a response at the end of the class. No wonder Satan battled me for three weeks. But as always, Jesus is the victor. He will not let his word be thwarted!
I left class thinking “this is such a privilege; I get to teach the Word of God!!”

Thank you, Lynne, and others like Lynne, who are taking this vital ministry to our young ones so seriously before the Lord.  Church body, let’s take Lynne’s encouragement to heart and be praying relentlessly for the Lord to do eternal things in the lives of our children this Easter season.  He is at work even now!


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