8 Ways to Pray for Summer Camp This Week

8 Ways to Pray for Summer Camp This Week

In less than 24 hours, a bunch of middle schoolers, high schoolers, and youth leaders are heading down to our church’s annual youth camp. We’ll spend three and a half days together with bonfires and a frog-filled pond and lots of sweat.

When Redeemer started doing summer camps six years ago, I was skeptical. Was a noisy, sweaty, goofy week really that helpful?

But when we ask teens where they’ve seen God work, summer camp shows up a lot—not because of how awesome our camp is, but because God has used this week to change our hearts in beautiful and abundant ways. We’re praying that God does that again this year.

Would you join us in praying that the Holy Spirit would change us and help us see Jesus more this week?

Here are eight camp-specific areas where we’d especially love your prayer:

  • Physical safety and health—Please pray for no sickness or injuries, for good sleep, and for energy. When you’re praying for energy and sleep, please remember the young moms who serve at camp with their babies (Kelsey with Oakley, Sarah Ong with Scarlett and Violet, and Sarah Muzik with Becca).
  • Good weather—It’s looking like we might have some thunderstorms in the latter half of the week.
  • Kindness and humility in competitions—A lot of the games revolve around a big competition between four teams. Please pray that healthy competition draws kids together and strengthens new friendships, but also that competition doesn’t overtake grace and humility. Please pray that kids and leaders look for and seize opportunities to serve each other and reach out to each other.
  • Welcoming friendships—Please pray that God deepens existing friendships and builds new friendships. Please particularly pray for welcoming friendships among Redeemer kids, guests, and our World Relief friends.
  • New understanding—There will be about 15 kids at camp whom we know through World Relief. Most of these kids come from Hindu or Muslim households, and they also do not speak English as their first language. Some have been at camp before, and some have not. Please pray that our God of all nations speaks to them through worship, messages, conversations, etc.
  • Worship—Summer camp is a time when kids can practice engaging in worship in a smaller context. Please pray that the times of worship are full of freedom and excitement and that there is a response to Jesus both on the stage and off.
  • Messages—Please pray for Josh Anderson, Josh Fenska, and Jason Mead as they teach. Please pray that we listen attentively and that God gives us ears to hear.
  • Conversations—There are small group discussions every evening and morning, plus a hundred little conversations. Please pray that the kids share and that we leaders ask good questions, hear what people really mean, and speak God’s truth and love.

Most of all, in whatever circumstances God brings us, please pray that God shows each of us how amazing he is and what it means to love and follow him.

If you want to set an alarm to remind yourself to pray, here are a few key times:

  • Monday evening: First worship, message, and discussion time
  • Wednesday morning, 9:45-10:15: Kids have 30 minutes alone with their Bibles
  • Wednesday night, 7:15-9:00: After the message, we have an extended time of worship and praying for one another
  • Thursday morning, 9:45-10:45: Kids have 60 minutes alone with their Bibles


Rachel Poel for the youth team