Don’t Spend Sunday Alone

Don’t Spend Sunday Alone


We’re calling this Sunday our “Kickoff Sunday” for the fall — launching a new year of Redeemer Kids classes, praying for school teachers, and beginning a new fall sermon series (from the book of James). We’ll be serving coffee and donuts at 9:30 (service beginning at 10), so come early and enjoy a few minutes with old and new friends.

There’s one thing we want to ask YOU to contribute to kickoff Sunday: hospitality.

In the Bible, hospitality is not so much about a clean house and a well-prepared meal (though nobody will complain about that!). It’s about people. When Romans 12:13 says “seek to show hospitality” it could more literally be translated “seek to show love to strangers.” Hospitality is a simple step of loving your neighbor(s) as yourself.

Here’s a simple recipe for hospitality this weekend:

  • Step 1: invite over someone you know from church. (And if they already have plans, don’t get offended or discouraged, just invite someone else!)
  • Step 2: invite over someone from your neighborhood (whether or not they want to come to church with you on Sunday morning).
  • Step 3: After you invite someone from church and someone from your neighborhood, pray that God will bless the time together for his good purposes.

Sunday afternoon there will be a youth picnic (for youth grades 6-12 and their parents) and a young adults community group (for those who are 17-27). If you will not be attending one of those, who can you share a meal with on Sunday?

Don’t spend Sunday alone!