Sunday Afternoon Worship

Sunday Afternoon Worship

This week, we’re planning on doing a “Sunday Afternoon Outdoor Worship Time” at 3:30pm at Crossroads Christian Youth Center in Big Rock, IL.

Our design for this event is very simple. (This event was not designed to reproduce or replace our Sunday livestream service.) We hope that this will be a meaningful time of worship for us together, and also a sweet opportunity for you to see brothers and sisters from your church family you haven’t seen for a couple of months.

We had originally announced that this event would be as a drive-in gathering—in cars. However, we are modifying that plan to be an “outdoor” worship time—with picnic tables, blankets, and lawn chairs.


  • Location: Crossroads Christian Youth Center in Big Rock, IL (address above on this page)
  • Time: 3:30 (we won’t start singing precisely at this time, however)
  • Song lyrics: available from the church website here, and it is recommended to download the pdf in advance in case of poor reception
  • Seating: some benches will be available, but please bring a blanket, lawn chair, or camping chair to have available for lawn seating
  • Social Distance Guidelines: for the sake of peace of mind, and for the sake of serving others, take a look at the social distance guidelines we have created for this event
  • Playground and Games: we are asking families to not use the playground, and to not play gaga ball or frisbee or other ball games during this specific event
  • Goal: seeing friends from your church family (awesome!) and worshipping Christ (the reason for which we were created!)

And for a few more answers: