Women’s Bible Study

Women’s Bible Study

Hi women of Redeemer, 

I want to let you know about something I’m excited about: this fall Laura VanHuis has agreed to lead a new women’s Bible Study in the book of James for eleven weeks beginning on September 7. 

We are excited for this Women’s Bible Study to provide a path for growing deeper in discipleship by gathering together around the Word. Like our other Redeemer Discipleship Courses that we’ve offered recently (such as the courses on the book of Psalms or Philippians, or prayer, or evangelism), this Women’s Bible Study is meant to help you take a further step in discipleship.

Here are a few details:

  1. This Women’s Bible Study is not a replacement for Women’s Fellowship Groups. The goals are similar, but distinct: while an 11-week Bible study can help you dig deeper into the pages of the Bible, it’s not really a substitute for the ongoing, relational context of walking closely with your Women’s Fellowship Group in the trials and temptations of life. (And, by the way, that’s not just me saying that, Laura agrees!) To put it another way: if you can only commit to one group in this season, stick with your Women’s Fellowship Group.
  2. We hope to have another Women’s Bible Study in the Winter-Spring of 2022, and we hope this is the beginning of many more beyond that. So if the timing doesn’t work this autumn, that’s ok; you can still look forward to joining a similar study on a different book in the near-term future. 
  3. The Bible Study will focus on actually looking at the Bible together (imagine that!), with some time for prayer. While some “homework” of Bible reading will be recommended, it should be a very non-intimidating and welcoming environment—whether you are brand new to the faith or whether you have been studying Scripture carefully for 5 decades.

One more thing. I want to tell you my personal observation very plainly: Laura does a great job leading Bible Studies. She’s been leading a Women’s Bible Study at her house for several years with a network of friends from different circles. I visited once (despite the awkwardness of being the only guy in the very crowded room) and I can tell you that it is a very healthy, Scripture-saturated, Christ-honoring, people-loving context. I’m excited that Laura is willing to do some extra work to make this available for more women. 

For Christ and his kingdom, 

Josh Fenska